Every Android app developer wants several things – nice development tools, good compatibility with as many devices as possible and a good marketing campaign for their application or game. While the first part is widely available thanks to new programming languages and software development tools, the second is doable if you own a few Android devices and if your friends and family let you do additional tests, on theirs, while the latter remains one of the most important parts of the modern app development industry and it's the hardest one to get today.

However, it's also doable on your own if you know what to do. While it's challenging and takes time to get into, it's doable on your own if you are willing to invest some time and effort on your own. We will provide some useful information to help you get started.

Take extra time to test your app or game

Testing is important – after all, you can't allow any negativity on the launch day. While trying to delete negative reviews and comments is never a good idea, allowing extra negativity due to bugs or issues or unfinished features is never a good idea. Remember that quality defines the product and the developers behind it – good reputation is important too. It's better to market yourself later as the developer of this successful app, not end up getting smug comments whenever your next application or game is launched due to notoriety for having buggy or unfinished releases.

Test your app. Take a few weeks to fix everything and do general polishing. Ask your friends and family to give it a try – you never know what kind of bugs or glitches you could have never expected. Try to cover every issue until launch and this way you will enjoy the best possible reaction. Also, keep updating your application or game whenever someone encounters a bug or issue – this way you can keep the audience engaged and thus make more from the product of your hard work.

Localization is always the right decision

Despite what various unproven statistics tend to say, the reality is simple – even if the majority of the world's population are speaking English, not all of them feel comfortable about using applications or playing games in a foreign language. In fact, when it comes to professional apps created for medical and other purposes, there is no room for errors – a slight misinterpretation of the meaning can cause more damage than one could assume.

Here are the common languages used on the modern mobile market:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Portuguese

Considering that the localization is rather affordable today unless your application or game has an enormous amounts of text, there is no excuse for not providing a localization to the users. It expands the audience, makes the app or game more accessible to a wider audience and make sure as many people as possible can enjoy it or find it very useful. You can use freelance translation services to make sure that you are getting the best quality for an affordable and reasonable price. Make sure to pick the best translator available for the job and double-check their work history to make sure that the localization is top notch.

Use YouTube channels to your advantage

There are so many YouTube app and game reviewers out there, it's hard to keep track of all of the, but making a list of popular app and game reviewers is a great idea at any time and learning how to persuade them to make a review of your app or game is always a nice feat. Updating the list frequently is also a great idea. YouTube review can help you with your Android app promotion efforts, especially if it's positive. While some may ask for a donation, it's reasonable to agree is the potential return is expected to be bigger. Also, you need all the publicity you can get, so don't hesitate to give it a go – it's always a great idea to give the product of your hard work every push that you can make.

Try professional marketing

In case your efforts to promote apps on Google Play don't yield satisfying results to you, then it is a perfect idea to look into professional promotion of Android applications and games. Today, marketing services can be gotten for a nice price if you find the company that offers great services for an affordable price.

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