App Store promotion

App Store promotion

Today, there are a lot of ways to promote a mobile application or game on the mobile market and you need to make sure that the app reaches the target audience, manages to start making money and keeps you afloat. However, that gets harder and harder due to the current situation on the market – earlier, you could get mild success by making a nice app and shipping it, but today, there are just too many apps out there – overall there are over two million apps launched on iOS as of June 2016, and if you put together current mobile platforms together, you will end up with about 6 million apps, which is a rather crazy number considering how long these platforms have existed.

That's why we would like to suggest you a few ways to promote iOS app and game on your own and manage to give your app a nice boost in downloads in case you're running on a tight budget and using the services of a mobile marketing agency is too much for you.

Start planning your promotion as early as possible

While you're finalizing your app or you've got finished bits that won't change too much in the final version, start executing your marketing campaign slowly, but steadily. For example, you can write a few posts that your application or game is coming out soon and thus build some hype for it.

Look into the available opportunities, write down the pricing of marketing agencies (just in case), learn the prices of various advertising platforms, do all this just in case you will need outside help in iPhone app promotion. Then start looking into the actual marketing methods you can use. There are several of them and they aren't semi-exclusive, which means that you can combine them to get a better boost.

Localization can expand your audience significantly

There are many ways to give your app a good expansion of the target audience and potential customers, and one of the best ways to do it is using localization. If your app or game doesn't use too much text, it should be pretty affordable to make and the results should be more than satisfying.

You're not convinced? There were cases when localization multiplied the download numbers several times and increased the conversion rates significantly, which is a good example no matter how you look at it. Consider supporting the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Portuguese

Use freelance translation services to get the best quality for an affordable price.

Make a quality application or game

Promotion is next to useless if you don't have something great to promote. Releasing a buggy and/or unfinished up is the first step to poor download numbers and lackluster popularity. You need to take some time to polish it, fix any inconsistencies, bugs or glitches and make sure your app is in the best state possible to avoid any additional backlash or negativity that you may encounter. Test it on as many devices as possible to pinpoint the issues and ensure that the app reached the audience in the best possible state.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization, or simply ASO, is a good way to promote iOS games and applications using subtle, but effective ways. It's like applying Search Engine Optimization to the App Store page, albeit with some differences. Research the related keywords and use them organically in the app description and tags field. Write an interesting description with these keywords to captivate the user and make the app easier to find at the same time. Design and pick better assets to give your app a more convincing look to increase the conversion rates.

If you need help of a marketing agency, then you consider paying attention to the pricing and offered services and figure out what you think you will need. At worst, consult them and find out what can help your application or game. Sometimes professional ios app marketing can make a big difference if you pull it off at the right time.